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2014-08-04 13:28:54 by Spazkid

Alot of stuff has been going on with animators and youtube, the truth is, it's pretty mcuh been like this for years now. Very little animators (even big ones you think rake in the dough) make jack shit, They make sustainable income, yes, but thats about it, Most do "freelance" work along with there big/small aniamtion projects they release. 

That's generally why most popular animators do other things like LetsPlay's because they need some sort of way to make a income sustainable with youtubes new system.

I myself do Porn and NSFW content with my good pal Shadman on his website Shadbase and Shagbase, Have been for a while now and its how I pay the bills and what not at the current moment, However, something really botheres me about this site and its kinda something I wanna bring light of and thats Adult Content.

Now before I go any further im well aware of advertisers stances on porn as Shad has informed me working with Previous ad companys, In general most well paying advertisers HATE adult content. I understand that but NG Would benefit if they possibly made a sister site for "art" and "Flash" aniamtion revolving around adult content. and if not that, make a Toggle setting via profiles saying "SHOW ALL ADULT CONTENT" Verifying of course you are of age to view adult stuff (18+) Alot of sites do this and I dont see a problem with that why doesnt NG? Some people might not wanna see adult stuff and thats fine but give us the option at least.

You see it all the time, Adult content getting "daily first" awards and what not Its evident people want porn and they dont want it hidden from them, I dont even feel like wasting my time on the art portal since its such a hassle to just see Adult content in general. I dont wanna spend all this time submiting a art piece only to have it hidden in every concievable way, Id prefer If it was visible to people. Im just saying if you want NG traffic give us some options.

Id like to go to my profile and see all my art instead of like 3 pieces. Thats all i really wanted to say.

I might be submitting something this month possibly, its been ages but Im slolwy getting back into a steady rythm of things.


If there is a option for "Adult Content" you can actually toggle Please inform me or something, thanks.



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2014-08-04 13:53:33

Time to revive http://newdgrounds.com/ ?


2014-08-04 14:05:21

Well there is "Auto-Play adult content" which, when unchecked, makes it so that you have to okay a screen telling you that it's adult content before anything will start to load in, including the play button. No idea on the art stuff, though. Plus, Adult content in its current form I think can also just mean anything more intense like words and gore, not necessarily porn.

A sister site sounds cool although I'd hate to divide Newgrounds' already low head count. I see what you're getting at though, some great points made.


2014-08-04 14:10:56

I don't come here for porn, and its the main reason I don't like advertising this site with my music to people who never heard of the site. It gives a bad impression, unless you're into that kind of thing, but if I want porn there's plenty of sites outside of NG to find it. Honestly, if that's what people come here for then I might seriously have to stop uploading here, if that's the case. If people can't find things entertaining here without porn, then this site is fucked, and makes sense why people don't listen to the music here, unless you tag tits or vaginas or dicks in your song tags...

Spazkid responds:

Its not the only reason, alot of people come to NG for entertainment of all variationsbut it is also not something to forget, ng isn't just kids and teens, theirs also adults who want the same experience as a handful of kids and teens get, regardless for moral sake, i'm just looking for other options.


2014-08-04 14:12:37

Been wondering same thing. Tho I don't post any adult stuff I make because those are usually something the customer want to keep only for themselfs.

And I got no rank or anything to even be noticed if I post something which is beacause I prfr to actually spend my time making the content than trying to get noticed in the site that's dropped into the toilet and hanging on the edge. Feets have already been soaked. Hopefully nobody comes and flushes dat toilet.

Anyway, back to the topic...
I do wonder aswell why there is no simple button for "show adult content" that checks your age and thats it. Or another "channel" for adult stuff where all pictures/audio/movies/games are labelled as adult only.

I prolly would even start posting adult stuff bymyself too if the art portal would be more "balanced" for ppl who haven't got scouted already by large amounts of ppl.
I know my work is not as high quality as others but thats because I really don't upload any good stuff in NG.
I know I am hitting myself by that logic but cba till NG is more "balanced" for us un-scouted scrubs.


2014-08-04 14:16:04

hehehehe my second jobs going to be working a grocery store and theres one right next to meh house it only takes me like bloody one minute ha to easy annddd good luck with da porn stuff and that picture is looken good >8D


2014-08-04 14:23:24

Also wanna add that I agree with Demon-Slayer12 aswell but only because some 14y kids ofc will start posting shit if there is more "available" adult section.
And the current state of how NG works kinda keeps the trash away. Even if it's bad for also those who make adult content for living.

Art is art. There is good and bad art for every and each of us.
It's shame some see adult stuff only as fapfapfapfapfap pornzzzzz.
I should have been born as a woman, maybe ppl would have taken me more seriously when I say I see adult content as a art also and judge it as a art :D


2014-08-04 14:44:28

Sometimes I feel it's not worth it, But I like working on stuff like that. What frustrating is that it's easier and more profitable to poop out some small little game in that there's actual money in it. I know Newgrounds would probally be way better off without adult content, but while it's allowed sometimes I wish I'd get thrown a bone, I work hard, something would be nice. I'd be nice to not just be swept under the rug.


2014-08-04 14:45:16

about the only finding pieces of art comment I as well am having issues since ng did something to remove my favorites in art, games, movies I would appreciate some feedback on this


2014-08-04 14:59:07

However I feel it's necessary to bookend any frustration I have about stuff like this is that newgrounds is stll the best site to post stuff, adult or not. You can't beat the community, tools, and audience. People here are passionate about what they do and what they do is so varied and diverse.

It could be a whole lot better but we could also have nothing.

Spazkid responds:

True but Regardless what anyone thinks, you cannot deny the fact that porn sells regardless if it hurts, Honestly if there was a alternative site and NG was wiped clean of adult stuff thatd be great. ( as long of course we were notified so we could take precautions and prepare for the "great wipe)

Like that one weeb mmo bulshit gaia, the recently made a site for "adults" of gaia, but its more or less word of mouth, even if that was the case, its something, I like Hentai foundry but theirs no options there and no real community either just a floodgate for comments and pics, I like the setup of NG I just want an alternative. and I know it'll be beneficial as long as it was approached right.


2014-08-04 15:12:15

Funny thing its called "Adult Content", but lets face it, I bet there are more kids and teens looking at that stuff than actual adults. I'm an adult, and like I already said, if I want porn I know plenty of other places to find it, discretely. Believe me, I spent more time browsing the adult content on this site before I turned 18, now its just "meh" to me. Not trying to put down those who create it, like I said if you're into that kind of thing fine, but not everyone is and its a pretty dividing thing really. I've noticed that creators of adult content generally have more fans than those who don't, so that says right there what most people come to this site for.


2014-08-04 15:23:57

I'm with you on the alternative but from, every site has serious down sides.

Newgrounds: you are thrusted in to the shadows.

Deviant-art: You can't even.

Hentai-Foundary: While the approval system keeps you on your toes it also is really annoying when you have to wait a day for it to appear on the site only to get buried under the ton of stuff that was mass approved.

Fur-Affinity: Your stuff is in public view for like a second due to the unregulated portal. Unless you are super popular you'll never get more then 20 views on anything.

Inkbunny: You can't post anything involving Humans... WTF!!!!

Pixiv: Language Barrier along with not support for flash content.

Newgrounds is still the best place in my opinion, not the perfect place but the best. This is why newgrounds needs to change, if anyone can make it perfect it's newgrounds.

Spazkid responds:

Hentai foundry and tumblr are pretty good, issue with hentai foundry is you cant even send a private message for gods sake, at least with tumblr you get some options,

Fa's a joke though lol, you're better off linking directly from external links in all honesty. Unless you do really "taboo" themes people lookup on there on terms you wont get jack shit in views.

Like I said, im just looking for alternatives, and i'm sure other adult content makers are as well.


2014-08-04 16:08:17

There's an option on profiles to Auto-play adult content and you can filter things in the Games / Movies / and Art portal via age range button (E,T,M,A) but I think most adult content rarely makes the front page since Tom wants to allow people to come here more and not see hentai and such all over the front page (loved and miss the silly hentai ads that lead to the adult part of the site, those were hilarious). As for a sister site that just allows more mature content, I would just be left wondering how much it would cost to keep up and run every month.


2014-08-04 16:48:31

Like the idea, or how about making the adult content only appear if your a member of the site?


2014-08-04 20:45:38

Tom's already bought the new site name, just keep bugging him in his newsposts.
Yeah having to click the A is a pain, but once you do it, it goes for all content.


2014-08-04 21:27:21

As you mentioned Shadbase and Shagbase I expected you to suggest Newgrounds set up adult content separately like done there (Except it would be non-adult and adult).

On a side note I feel like Newgrounds needs to have a favorites or private collection feature that lets me save things I like on my profile that I'd like to avoid having shown around in my favorites to everyone who wants to see.


2014-08-04 21:31:42

I think a toggle could make a lot of sense. It'd draw a clear line in the sand and allow people who are serious about animating and making this their second home something worthwhile. I think that the adult stuff is what really prevents more quality ads coming in. Having the site setup so that if you're unregistered you get no adult. And if you are then you can toggleon or off to suit your taste. From a creator side it would be cool to add an extra modal or something that reminds you that you are submitting adult content and your stuff is potentially hidden from unregistered populaces and not getting premium ad rates.

In a perfect world, the site would have a two prong approach. Where you have a bank of adult and non adult ad offering so that depending on the rating and your toggle the site adapts to the type of user that its dealing with and both adult and non are able to tap into both sides of the market. Probably a pie dream but hey I'm spitballing

Spazkid responds:

Thats a fantastic idea, Im not sure if you could interchange ads though but its a amazing concept in my Opinion.


2014-08-05 01:38:48

"I want your hand without the skin. Bone to bone without the molds. Mouth to mouth, without the porn."


2014-08-05 01:58:46

I agree, we need Nudegrounds! EveryDING by everyBUN!


2014-08-05 02:36:21

you have to do te work work Spaz


2014-08-05 03:26:54

I will pay like a $b,ill,ion,ion for Cory to draw a bunch of dicks and then eat them.


2014-08-05 06:22:37

Looks like you're going to have to go back to being original and clever. Dickwipe.

(Updated ) Spazkid responds:

What does that even mean? Did you even read what I said?


2014-08-06 08:29:18

You better inform Tom about this, if he sees your PM, he'll defenitly make everything you want! No joke.


2014-08-16 20:38:35

ehhh, i know that this defeats the point, but what is that pic in your newspost?
can you link me to it?

anyways, you do good artwork, and i overall think that you are a good artist, adult art or not.

and yes, a toggle would be cool.(tho, i really dont mind adult art. if people are annoyed by this, they should not watch it..RIGHT?!!111)

yeah mat


2014-10-12 16:33:16

I agree with this toggle option idea you have, but I do still want it to be easier to find age 10+ content. This is because while I can find things artistically or aesthetically pleasing in a pornographic art piece, many people can not. I feel that if the art section was changed to make porn even easier to see, it would become harder to find other types of art, and it would keep many people who appreciate art away from the site.
I think it should be easy to find porn only if you're looking for it.


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2015-04-28 22:31:42

I think its a great idea, separating these two worlds would give more to the artists and animators who don't do hentai related material a chance to show themselves. I believe that there's so much pornographic content on this site that it hogs the spot light every time and draws away from the artists that really deserve the attention. I'm not trying to talk shit about you Spazkid you take pride in your work and I admire that and if you want to do nothing but hentai then more power to you, I just think that the other artists on here that aren't porn related are being left in the dark and not being givin the chance to show that they're dedicated to their work as much as the hentai artists are to theirs. To make two sites that link to each other one for porn and one for regular and of course adding an age lvl verification onto it would make NG much more organized so that way hopefully everyone can collect their own credit.


2015-05-26 01:21:41

There was a time when NG was openly advertising porn and showing off adult content; anyone remember the ad where Vegeta was sucking Sailor Moon's tits?

Unfortunately, NG and modern American culture as a whole has become so fucking sterilized that it's almost not worth looking at for any reason whatsoever.

At any rate, I hope you don't regret creating adult art/Flashes; it was your choice, and there were many other income options for you to explore beyond drawing tranny dicks.


2016-12-11 17:46:15

dude, "I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore" has been removed from NG? http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/600467


2017-01-17 12:56:38

i can agree with this indefinitely.

i'm actually surprised this was never thought up by Tom or someone else higher up, especially back in Newground's golden days or even now. Adult content is a high demand area, and even back then, it was still on the rise along with several famous artists from this site. We should do a petition to have a NSFW site of Newgrounds since they SHOULD have the manpower and capability to make it happen.

BTW Who and where is that art pic at?


2017-02-27 01:42:50

luv ya spaz i'll keep this in mind