2014-08-04 13:28:54 by Spazkid

Alot of stuff has been going on with animators and youtube, the truth is, it's pretty mcuh been like this for years now. Very little animators (even big ones you think rake in the dough) make jack shit, They make sustainable income, yes, but thats about it, Most do "freelance" work along with there big/small aniamtion projects they release. 

That's generally why most popular animators do other things like LetsPlay's because they need some sort of way to make a income sustainable with youtubes new system.

I myself do Porn and NSFW content with my good pal Shadman on his website Shadbase and Shagbase, Have been for a while now and its how I pay the bills and what not at the current moment, However, something really botheres me about this site and its kinda something I wanna bring light of and thats Adult Content.

Now before I go any further im well aware of advertisers stances on porn as Shad has informed me working with Previous ad companys, In general most well paying advertisers HATE adult content. I understand that but NG Would benefit if they possibly made a sister site for "art" and "Flash" aniamtion revolving around adult content. and if not that, make a Toggle setting via profiles saying "SHOW ALL ADULT CONTENT" Verifying of course you are of age to view adult stuff (18+) Alot of sites do this and I dont see a problem with that why doesnt NG? Some people might not wanna see adult stuff and thats fine but give us the option at least.

You see it all the time, Adult content getting "daily first" awards and what not Its evident people want porn and they dont want it hidden from them, I dont even feel like wasting my time on the art portal since its such a hassle to just see Adult content in general. I dont wanna spend all this time submiting a art piece only to have it hidden in every concievable way, Id prefer If it was visible to people. Im just saying if you want NG traffic give us some options.

Id like to go to my profile and see all my art instead of like 3 pieces. Thats all i really wanted to say.

I might be submitting something this month possibly, its been ages but Im slolwy getting back into a steady rythm of things.


If there is a option for "Adult Content" you can actually toggle Please inform me or something, thanks.


hey, New toon.

For more updates on cartoons and Other works:



New cartoon ( I dont ever make posts here)


2012-04-07 19:14:22 by Spazkid

So New stuff is on the way, I'm basically working on a series I wont go into to much detail until I have some shit to show so, I'll be taking a break from NG for like a few months, But before I do leave for a while I REALLY wanna get out cool show (those of you who know about it will get it.) Seriously though this things almost 11/2 years out of date and I'm considering redoing some of the animation as it looks choppy and bad so I"M NOT SURE if i'll get it out in time.

I just recently got a 12x Cintiq and its pretty awesome, In the mean time I made some PSA flash about the "I" Message You can watch it Here. Also my good friend shadman released some sketch book flash thing you can see it here as well.



Hi, omg new redesign nice, nice,

go watch my Copy'd Egoraptor flash , he did all the linework
voicing and coloring, I just took full credit for it. yup. being originals
so old NG design

Dont forget to play justin beaver.

Egorapture, also important incentive's on the epic new design!